7 Major Back Pain Causes and Fast Solution You Need To Know

Back pain is a common problem among all sectors of the population. From young to old; men or women-anyone can experience the sudden twinge of pain in the back. Just as there is a wide range of people who get back pain, there are also many common causes of back pain.

back pain causes

Acute back pain can come and last from days to weeks. Chronic back pain, which is pain that lasts consistently for more than three months, is a more serious issue. Wrecks, injuries or simple strains account for many issues with the back. Below you will find some common back pain causes

Here are some Common Causes Of Back Pain:

1. Physical strain or injury

This is one of the back pain causes. If you are doing things that are unusual for your routines, such as heavy lifting, sports or even exercises- your back could begin to hurt. When we use muscles that we normally don’t use or stretch muscles in a new way, our back responds by signaling pain. This pain usually means that the muscles are inflamed or sore from the new activity. Even moving in an awkward way can injure or pull muscles in your back.

Athletes are trained to stretch each time they are going to work out to prevent back pain. If you are planning to lift heavy objects because of moving, they are things you should do to prevent back strain. Lift with your legs as opposed to straining your back will minimize the negative effects on your back. You can also use a back brace to support your back if you need to lift heavy objects.

2. Herniated or slipped discs

Herniated or slipped discs has also been one of the common causes of back pain. If your physician tells you that you have a herniated or slipped disc-you have suffered an injury to your back that involves the soft tissue between your discs. There are many reasons this occurs including age and back strain.

Normal wear in your body can also cause the discs to slip. Herniated discs cause sharp pain and discomfort and can persist off and on for months. The only true way to be diagnosed with this condition is through X-rays and consultation with your doctor.

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3. Pinched Nerve
Herniated discs can result in a pinched nerve, which is a painful condition that is caused by disc wearing and pressing on nerves in the back. This back pain can range from medium to debilitating. Sharp nerve pains react in your back and can go up and down depending on location.

In some cases, pinched nerves can result in numbness in your arms or legs if the inflamed nerve presses on other areas. It is important to have your doctor diagnose this type of back pain so that you do not do permanent damage to your back.

4. Sciatica

The sciatic nerve runs from your backside, down your leg to your ankle. If this nerve becomes inflamed, it can cause sharp pain from your back down your leg. This type of back pain can be unbearable as the sufferer doesn’t get relief from standing or sitting.

A person may be genetically prone to sciatica or it can result from back injuries that affect this nerve. Some back doctors recommend daily exercises to help you avoid sciatica and other back pain. Physical therapy paired with specific medicines can help heal the effects of sciatica.

5. Muscle spasms

Muscle spasms in the back are more common than people realize. They tend to occur when tendons in your back are stretched or torn. The stress from this injury causes the muscles in your back to spasm or contract painfully. Spasms can range from mild to severe and doctors usually recommend stretching and other precautions to avoid injuries that can cause this type of back pain. Muscle Spams has been a major back pain causes

6. Unrelated illnesses

There are some conditions which cause back pain that doesn’t involve the back itself. Kidney stones or infections; bladder issues or menstrual cycles can all cause back pain. Cramping or even severe pain can be related to many of these illnesses. Commonly, when you resolve the illness, the back pain is eased and will most likely not return. Taking over the counter pain medicine can assist in reducing back pain related to other conditions.


7. Lifestyle

Many times, our lifestyle choices can bring on back pain. If we don’t practice good posture by slumping in chairs or while driving-back pain can result. Other things such as lack of physical exercise can affect our backs and overall body health. Our bodies need the proper nutrients as well as calcium to provide for strong bones and backs.

Doctors have also shown that smoking can cause pain throughout your body. Women who wear high heels or men who work on their feet without the proper footwear also suffer from back pain.

8. Arthritis

As we age and our bodies carry through all the hardships of the time, arthritis and other age related conditions can affect our backs. Arthritis and osteoporosis are just a couple of the risks we face as we get older. The joints can harden and our bones become brittle which makes us more prone to injury and pain. Doctors have discovered that along with medication, exercise and eating right can lessen the effects of these illnesses.

Other back pain causes

Rarely, back pain can be caused by such conditions as cancer or other severe illnesses. Tumors that press on nerves can result in back pain. This is not a common symptom of something serious but if you have persistent back pain or tender areas, you need to visit your physician and tell them of the related issues.

As you can see, there are many common causes of back pain depending on activity and age. Some people feel they just have to “live” with the chronic pain but in almost every case, relief can be found with the combination of medicines, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes.

Exercise is the best way to prevent injuries and to strengthen the muscles, tendons, and joints in your back. Simple changes such as walking daily or stretching exercises can prevent you from dealing with the discomfort and aggravation of back pain. The above ideas are some of the back pain causes.

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